Subsidiaries That Equities First Holdings Has Set Up

The subsidiaries that Equities First Holdings has set up are a lot of different companies that are sprinkled all over the world. There are some people who will come to their UK or Australia offices, and there are more that will come to their New Zealand or South Africa offices. The company wants to help people manage their assets, and they have chosen to have the company be in as many places around the world as possible. This makes them a much stronger company, and it helps them have the very best customer service.

There are many people who will come to Equities First Holdings, and they will ask the company how they can get the loans that they need. That makes it so much easier for everyone.

George Soros: ‘Money Talks’

One of the world’s most famous progressives, George Soros is also a noted philanthropist. While some note Soros took a break from the political arena, he returned during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Sources indicate he was spurred into this shortly after the nomination of now President Donald Trump.

George Soros, Hillary Clinton, And Al Gore

More specifically, George Soros put his investment experience and his “trademark enthusiasm” to the mix again by backing campaign of Hillary Clinton. Soros, no stranger to politics, has a history of collaborating with other presidential hopefuls. In terms of political history, Soros perhaps made his most powerful impact in 2004 when he threw his support behind Presidential nominee Al Gore who was running against incumbent President George Bush and more information click here.

Open Society Foundation

Some opine Soros did this to put a more progressive-thinking politician into the White House. When this did not happen, Soros chose to set his sights on his well-known Open Society Foundations. His return to politics and his financial support and experience were thus crucial to the Democratic Party and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Super PAC

His political maneuvers and finances were reportedly a significant part of the 2016 Presidential Election. Soros contributed almost $25 million to numerous Democratic platforms. This included a $7 million donation to the Pro-Clinton Super PAC.

Hillary Clinton lost in spite of Soros’ monetary backing. Nevertheless, Soros return the limelight is still believed by some to be a move that will still have a positive impact for those with a more liberal agenda. Soros continued to be active with his more philanthropical interests and what George Soros knows.


George Soros considers philanthropy to be a big part of his current business model. He has made changes in the U.S. He reportedly has a strong belief in the grassroots campaigns involving “everyday” people and read full artilce.


That is said to be his motivation for contributing almost $33 million into various grassroots campaigns in the Ferguson, Missouri vicinity. When the Michael Brown story was broken, certain people took an interest in the event. Soros funded the people who decided to voice their opinions on the event and brought national media attention. These are but a few examples of what Soros return to the spotlight could mean to social and political events in the future and Follow him

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