Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Offer Investment Not Fraud

For anyone following the media Freedom Checks are an interesting development. Backed by a man named Matt Badiali, freedom checks are supposedly a percentage of a billion dollar payout anyone can take advantage of. At least that is what the ads say. Badiali even has a nifty check he holds up to the camera to show off its figures. The whole ad comes off like a scam, but that is mostly because of all the scams that have come before it. Matt Badiali is not a con artist however, he is a top-level financial analyst with experience in the natural resource market.

Badiali is a hands-on analyst, personally checking investments so his recommendations come directly from the source. Freedom Checks are based on a billion dollar tax break numerous natural resource companies are taking advantage of. The break merits that these companies pay their stakeholders 90% of their revenue to qualify. As 548 companies currently qualify the billions of dollars Badiali is talking about is the revenue payout to their stakeholders. This makes freedom checks a private payout for a legitimate investment. That’s right, Freedom Checks are essentially the same as buying stock.

What investors are actually purchasing are called master limited partnerships are MLPs. They are stakes within the company that afford it profit. They can be used like publicly traded property which allows the business to operate like tax free entities. The only way to enjoy such a state is for these companies to make regular payouts throughout the year that equal 90% of their profits. A percentage of these payouts go to the stakeholders who bought them, these are the checks Badiali is talking about. They can arrive monthly or quarterly depending on the business. The amount of stakes held by the investor influences the amount the of the percentage they receive.

So the good news is these checks are not a scam, but the bad news is that it is an investment. Despite the success rate of this particular investment, it still bears the risk of not achieving profit. But the risk may very well be worth the payout.

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Why David Giertz believes there is need to speak to clients about social security

It is a common yet sad scenario when people who have been employed for years go into retirement and end up having nothing to show for it. At other times, people that have been dealing working and get workplace accidents fail to get the social security benefits they deserve because they do not understand how to claim them. David Giertz, an experienced investor and advisor states that it is very important for investors to educate their clients about social security.

The first thing that people do not understand is that the benefits they get from the system depend on their past earnings on Ideamensch. This means that the more they skip taxes, the less beneficial it will be to them later on. Besides that, before the calculations are made, the system makes adjustments to the earnings to reflect changes such as inflation, which means that someone who was earning $20000 in the 90s will have this adjusted to around $40000 to cater for the inflation.

David Giertz states that one ironic thing about the system is that it really favors lower income earning individuals, yet they are the ones who are most afraid of learning about the benefits and going after them. Then, Giertz states that normally, the SSA uses 35 years of earning as a basis of calculating the final amount that one should be receiving as monthly benefits at Another thing, probably the most important that these people do not understand is that it is possible to be eligible for more than three types of benefits, even if it is not at the same time. David Giertz concludes by saying that there is a lot of things that many people are ignorant about regarding their retirement benefits and that the only person that can help in creating an understanding of the system is the employers.

Succeeding in the World of Venture Capital

Venture capital is an industry with a lot of competition. There are few people who are able to survive in this industry over the long term. Anyone who wants to build up a business needs capital. Going to a venture capital firm is often the best choice that people have when it comes to the growth of their business. Over time, there are a lot of ways for people to expand their business organically.

Marc Sparks is an example of someone who has thrived in the world of venture capital. Anyone who wants to take the next step in their business needs to work with the passion that he has. Marc Sparks has been involved with a variety of companies over the years, and his life and career are great examples of the impact that one person can make on the Dallas area.

Early Life

Marc Sparks does not have a typical life story – Over the past couple of years, he has worked with great effort to ensure that he is able to build up other people’s companies. As a business owner himself, he worked with a lot of passion to get his companies started. There are few people who can succeed at the level that he did. He also benefited from a growing economy in the state of Texas.

All of these things helped to develop him into the person he is today. Although he does have a college education, he really likes to credit his strong work ethic for his vast success in life.

Anyone who is looking to join the world of venture capital must be good with both money and people. Few people have the ability to work a room with various personalities and then also examine a balance sheet. For Marc Sparks, this is a dream come true.

Venture Capital

More people than ever before are interested in starting up their own business. Many people want to invest in various aspects of their life. Anyone who wants to start investing needs to make sure they have the track record necessary to do so. Venture capital takes a lot of money because business owners are counting on it to use to start up their business. Often times, new business owners must use the startup capital to purchase inventory or equipment to make products.

Over the long term, there are a lot of people who are able to take the next step in their business because of the help of venture capital firms. This is a great example of the impact that a person can make in the field of venture capital. If you are interested in working with companies, this may be the field for you. Future Plans of Marc Sparks

Good Reads reported that a person like Marc Sparks has all of the options in the world. He has plenty of money due to his successes in both life and business. The great thing about him is that he is able to help other people due to his hard work. Over the long term, many people want to start helping him develop other companies.

Marc Sparks is an important part of the overall economy in Dallas. This is a great story about a person who never let society dictate his success and has gone on to help thousands of people in the process.

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