New Book Threatens Coming WW3

Over the past few years, it has seemed that there has been a lot of economic and political turmoil affecting the world. After decades of general peace between major powers, it now appears that this trend could soon be reversing. Some even believe that we could be heading into a new world war. One individual that believe this is Professor Kamil Idris.


In his new book, which is called Jasta, Professor Kamil Idris discusses the current trend of the world and why we could be heading to a serious global situation. Idris, who is the former Director-General of UN Agency WIPO as well as the current leader of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation, has continued to voice his concern over recent political decisions from the United States and other powers that could be pushing the world towards a new world war.


One of the major points that will be looked at as a starting point of the war was the United States decision to pass JASTA, which stands for the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. This act gives a citizen of the United States the odd ability to sue any country that could be supporting terrorism. While this may be a difficult law to support and effectuate in the future, the fact that it was approved is concerning to many people.

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WIPO’s Kamil Idris on protecting intellectual property rights

Another concern about this is how it will affect the relationships between the United States and any country that is sued. Allowing an individual to sue another country could be a concerning situation and by allowing this, it could show that the United States is willing to cut positive ties with that country.

While the professor and author is concerned about the threat of war that could be coming between the powers and other countries, he is also worried about Democracy as a whole. In the book he continues to point out that it appears that more and more people are continuing to be willing to give up their rights for certain protections. Because of this, it appears that people could be even willing to give up even more.

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