Greg Secker, the Philanthropist Who Wears a Trading Hat

Multi-millionaire, motivational coach, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a master trader, Greg Secker is what most traders would wish to become in future. The kind of person who has it all figured out has been a mover in the world of traders. In Forex exchange, he is probably one of the world’s best traders and tutors. Greg is a serial business professional and international speaker as well. He owns Learn to Trade, Capital Index, in addition to SmartCharts Software. As the sole founder of Greg Secker Foundation, he has put in a lot of work to identify with seasoned and prospective traders.

Philanthropic Trader

Perhaps what makes Secker unique is the fact that he is keen on helping the less fortunate in the society. Having made millions from forex trading, he believes that he is in a position to help not only traders but also ordinary people who could do with substantial help in life. That is why recently, Secker was featured on Earth Angel as a philanthropist. The 42-year-old investor is focusing on his new agenda of making a difference in the society. His primary mission is to improve people’s livelihoods around the world.

Greg’s Experiences

Greg Secker was hard-working as a student. The dedicated master of trading made his first millions at the age of 27. Bearing in mind that the society has its challenges when it comes to business and trading, he was confident about starting elevating companies with the sole purpose of training interested entrepreneurs. Until now, his input has been revered by many like-minded, individuals. Secker’s passion for coaching entrepreneurs extends to Europe’s trading market.

IdeaMensch Interview

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Greg Secker explained his career journey. His first exploration was at Thomas Cook Financial where he worked as a financial advisor. He then shifted to foreign exchange business with the aim of managing a new, business brand called Virtual Trading Desk. It is projected that VTD was the industry’s first real-time online trading platform for forex exchange. The platform allowed traders to receive immediate results on invested figures. Secker‘s career quickly progressed before his presidential appointment at the Corporation of Mellon Financial. Until now, he has been instrumental to many, prospective investors.