Live In Venezuela: Five To Ten Hour Wait For Food

The food crisis in Venezuela is reaching such an epidemic proportion that a state of emergency has been declared. Riots have been breaking out in Caracas as citizens are feeling the desperation of wondering when they will be able to obtain food and basic necessities. At some locations, people are waiting 5-10 hours for the basic essential groceries.
Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, has been under attack for the rapid decline of the economy. The climate has deteriorated so badly that the legislature has been attempting to issue a referendum to recall Maduro. During his presidency, inflation has increased by 180 to 450 percent says expert Danilo Diaz Granados. To conserve electricity, government employees have been reduced to a two-day work week. At this point. the attempts to recall the president have been blocked. However, the desperation for change is severely evident.

At this point, “the population of Venezuela has been fairly patient with the government” added Granados. Although there have been a number of protests and riots, there have not been as many as would be expected with the economy in such a state of despair. One European observer states, “The situation is very fragile. People are desperate. There needs to be change or there’ll be anarchy.”