Brand Loyalty, Advertising and Success With EOS

The beauty in the evolution of EOS lip balm lies in the creative strategies formulated by the brand’s founders. It was not only in their genius product design where the brand succeeded. The way in which they chose to market largely determined how they kept the ball rolling, pun intended.

After the brand saw some success already, they knew that page ads in the fashion magazines would not be identifiable with their trendy product hot with millennials. Millennials were doing more in tech and spending their time on Facebook and YouTube watching their favorite beauty gurus give makeup and skin care tutorials. They were scrolling the feed on Instagram, liking whatever new hot image deserved their kudos. Having the right connections in this world helped to widen their audience in the right direction. Putting the product in the hands of a popular beauty blogger could influence the wider market, and a popular Instagrammer watching the beauty blogger could further spread the word.

Some mainstream marketing initiatives were also employed by advertising the product with celebrity endorsements. EOS was the headline sponsor for Demi Lovato, and was also used by music stars like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift took the product to Asia. Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian were photographed using the product in her daily life. Quite quickly, the brand catapulted from being relatively low key to being the largest advertiser in their product category. It remains to this day a best seller in the lip care aisle, quite a notable achievement for a startup 7 years ago that is now beating out all the other household names that have been around forever. The proof is in the pudding; the product itself is just better and it’s customer’s are loyal and have formed an emotional connection to the product. Visit for more info.

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