Fight Back Against Overpriced Internet And Phone Bills

While there are a few carriers that offer reasonably-priced cell phone service, most people are looking at an average bill of $140 per month. This is average, mind you, and the amounts get quite a bit higher.

Enter FreedomPop, a new service that offers a variety of mobile and data products designed to save you money. The following is a FreedomPop review of both their phone and internet service products. So, what exactly are they offering?

FreedomPop offers several products for both mobile and home use. They also offer “free” and paid internet plans, and can be used as either a replacement or a supplement to your current data plans.

Freedom Pop Mobile Hotspots

You have a few options for mobile hotspots including the Freedom Stick, which is a USB stick for your laptop, the Freedom Spot Photon, which will hook up to 8 devices, and the Freedom Sleeve Rocket, which actually turns your iPod Touch into an iPhone!

Each of these devices cost money, either an outright fee or a refundable deposit, but they are reasonable, and can pay for themselves over time.

With FreedomPop, you do get 500 mb of free data, but you can get more free data by connecting with other Freedom users, filling out surveys and signing up for offers, and you can also choose from a variety of plans depending on the amount of data you will need. These plans are reasonable and you can change them according to need.

One of the best things about Freedom Pop is that you aren’t tied to a contract. You can sign up and use their services and cancel at any time, or upgrade and then downgrade services according to your needs.

FreedomPop Phone

How about a phone with no contract, no fees and plenty of voice, text and data for free? That’s what Freedom Pop is offering. Granted, your needs may require more than the 200 minutes of calling and the 500 mb of data you get for free, but that’s okay because you have a variety of options that allow you to expand your service.

What FreedomPop does is allow you to have the level of service you need without paying the bloated prices from the big providers. There are some limitations, of course, and some bugs to be worked out. For example, if you don’t have 4G coverage in your area, you won’t find Freedom Pop to be useful, however, if you travel it is a lifesaver.