Clayton Hutson-Making an Impact in the Music Industry

A native of Nashville, Tennessee Clayton Hutson has been making his presence felt in the music world for quite some time. Hutson became interested in music at a very young age and has spent most of his adult life working in the industry. Clayton has had the opportunity to work across the globe with some of the world’s most famous artists. He has a passion for rock music, but collaborates with artists from a variety of genres. His business provides services for musicians and event organizers across the world. His impressive resume includes working with Pink, Guns and Roses and One Republic.


Hutson is a graduate of Central Michigan University. He would later earn a masters degree in business administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After college Hutson would work in various jobs in the entertainment business. These jobs include working as a a project manager and worked as a sound engineer. Hutson was able to work a number of jobs that exposed him to the many parts of of sound engineering, live performances and management. He would soon establish his own firm which has quickly grown to impact music acts across the globe. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson has had lots of success as a business man. He has a unique approach which he believes plays a big part in that success. His early work enabled him to acquire a number of skill which make him an ideal employee. This has contributed to his high self confidence which in turn led to him starting his own business. Hutson also is a perfectionist. He believes in looking hard to make sure no mistakes take place. He especially keeps his eyes open for mistakes that compromise safety or degrade the quality of a show. It’s this ability to be through that has made Hutson such a sought after engineer. Finally, Hutson prides himself on waking early and being the first person to a performance venue. He previews the area, reviews his schedule and has his eyes open for any mistakes. It is this routine and structure that has allowed him to have great success in this industry.