Writing Sensible Articles for Wikipedia

Experienced writers realize that understanding Wikipedia rules are the key to writing sensible articles for the site. The fact is that Wikipedia is very different from the typical sites that you find online. Wikipedia is not a blog or a place to chat with your online friends. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that has an established reputation for providing great content for their visitors to read. Therefore, it is important to take time to read the guidelines that are on the site and follow those rules carefully.

Read Articles
Wikipedia writers for hire in the real world take the time to read the articles in a print magazine, before sending their submission to the editor. Take a page from their book and read the articles that are already posted on Wikipedia. This is actually a very powerful way to learn the writing style that the site prefers. Read several dozen. Also, take the time to look for articles that are on the topic that you are considering writing an article about. Perhaps, that article already covers the topic. If so, try another angle.

Perhaps, you’ve discovered an article on the very topic that you were going to write about. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, take advantage of this great opportunity to practice your editing skills. Review the Wikipedia editing basics and start making a few minor edits.

Wikipedia prefers that the contributors add their references to the articles. Remember, the subjects that you write about on the site must pass the notability test. Therefore, if the subject is notable, plenty of information should exist on the topic. The references should be from a site that is reliable or a print source that is reliable.

Get Your Wiki
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