OSI Group Further Expands Portfolio with the Acquisition of Baho Foods

OSI Group is a tremendous American Dream story. Based out of Aurora, Illinois, the now thriving, privately held custom food provider has made drastic moves to grow even more. OSI Group provides foods to retailers and food servicers. They are a company that food servicers want to have on their side because their experience and portfolio of proteins and other food products help the retailers grow their businesses. Just when one thought their recent growth was enough, OSI Group steps up and further improves their strong portfolio by expanding to more European locations. Before doing so, OSI acquired a massive Chicago plant that was formerly held by the powerhouse of Tyson Foods which made it possible to double their production capacity. The ability to keep growing and serve their customers is why OSI Group is one of America’s largest privately held companies.

With customer needs always at the forefront of management decisions, OSI Group has purchased the Dutch company, Baho Foods in 2016. Looking to provide a stronger foothold in the European market, OSI Group knew it had to make a move. Acquiring Baho Foods filled needs for both companies. Using Baho Food’s portfolio of snacks, meats, and convenience foods, OSI Group leveraged their portfolio to fulfill customer demand even further. The acquisition was a smart decision that will help Baho Foods grow their business while benefiting OSI Group by determining a need and supplying the products that the customers have voiced they wanted.

Also in 2016, OSI Group expanded into Spain to fill the high demand for chicken products that the market was weak in. What is most striking is OSI’s ability to quickly identify a weakness and efficiently turn it into a strength while also helping the companies that it acquires. It is truly a give-and-take model that is serving to keep the growth steady with no slowing in sight.

OSI Group is a company that does not sit comfortably with their success. They believe there is always room for growth. The growth helps the company, the company they merge with, and most importantly, the customer.

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The Instrumental Role That David McDonald Plays At OSI Group

Having grown up on a farm, David McDonald seemed destined to end up in the food industry. After his high school graduation he moved from northeast Iowa to Ames, Iowa, so that the could attend Iowa State University. He graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. During his last year of school he earned the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

Once he left college he found a job at OSI Group, LLC. This is now one of the largest companies in the processed food industry. He has dedicated his career to evolving and growing this company into one of the premier food solutions for food service restaurants and private label grocery brands. Today he is OSI Group’s president and chief operating officer, second only to Sheldon Lavin who is the chief executive officer, chairman, and owner.

Since graduating from Iowa State University, David McDonald has continued to support this educational institution and his fraternity. For example, in 2011 he personally arranged a visit to one of OSI Group’s food processing plants in China for a group of students. One of these students found an internship at his company so that they could gain valuable experience in this industry. Since that time many other Iowa State University students have spent time interning at OSI Group’s various offices and facilities.

His fraternity is Alpha Gamma Rho. David McDonald has provided scholarship money to many students in this fraternity over the years. He was also engaged in naming the Marvin J. Walter – AGR Fraternity Area which opened a few years ago and which supports student learning.

As president and COO of OSI Group, David McDonald is one of the key people responsible for setting the strategy of this company and handling its day to day operations. He has been heavily involved in building strong rapport between the global logistics team of his company and their local operations. This combination has resulted in a company that has the efficiencies of being a global business while also being responsive to the tastes and cultures of local areas. As his company has facilities in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Australia this combination is vital to how his company operates.

David McDonald’s presently resides in Warrenville, Illinois. He is married and they have four children at home. Their other two children have graduated from high school and are now attending the University of Illinois themselves.

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Why Companies All of the Globe Use OSI Group for their Food Services

OSI has had over 100 years of success in the Food industry. As the company has grown into a 200,000 employee company, this privately own business has had a lot to offer their customers. From fresh meat, poultry, seafood and deli meats, OSI Group has grown greatly in the variety of foods and they provided to fast food place or restaurant who needs these accommodations. In fact, with its notoriety as one of the top American food companies in this industry, they have products that’s produced from sources far and near. From as close as Illinois, their headquarters, to as far as Germany the place where Baho Foods are located, this Food Group has had a huge amount of success in meat processing and packaging. To that end, here is what you need to know about why Companies all over the globe use OSI Group for their food services needs.

1. Fresh Food – Only the Best Vendors in the Network

Even though this group of professionals has been around for 100 years, it has not changed its overall commitment to fresh meat and high-quality services for all of the companies that they serve. In fact, if anything, this company has reached out to find more innovative ways of preserving foods without affecting the freshness and its taste. For instance, this is the company that has made significant advances in how fresh meats can be stored and kept by innovative means including using cryogenics to keep meats frozen while they are being transported to the place that the order has come from.

#2 – OSI Group Has a Great Global Presence

When reviewing reasons why OSI Group is a preferred food source for restaurants and other food establishments, one of the most common involves this organization’s recent global presence. From the acquisitions that the company is making, they are looking to engage the best of the best in order to provide their services. Specifically, when it comes to the types of foods that they offer worldwide and the vendors that supply them as their resources. For instance, with the acquisition of Baho Food in Germany, the company is looking to take advantage of the new food options that they can offer to those who need the accommodations. Because deli meats is a great food option for consumers in the U.S. and other countries too, they are always looking for food organizations that can help to support their mission and their overall efforts today.

#3 – Offers Innovative Solutions to Accommodate their Customers Needs and Requirements

Whenever OSI is servicing their companies, they are always looking for ways to make sure they get exactly what they need. In order for this to happen, OSI group offers a team of professionals to review and come with an innovative solution that will be a win-win for all involved. Whatever the case, this team is committed to providing a food service that will show their strengths and what they are capable of offering to each customer.

About OSI group: www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin

David McDonald’s contribution to OSI Group

The chief operating officer at OSI group has worked in the organization for many years now; he joined OSI soon after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science. David McDonald was raised on a farm and together with his gained skills in school he has been able to climb up the ladder at OSI and now serves as the chief operating officer as well as the president.

OSI Group is a food production company and is recognized globally for their quality and healthy products, in the company David is also the project manager. David has served in other organizations, and this has greatly helped improve his skills which have been evident with OSI’ s growth in the market.

To understand better David McDonald’s contribution to the organization here is a recap of an interview he recently had as he talks about his role in the company.

OSI group has a large number of employees, and yet they succeed in remaining the best, David believes that for a business to thrive it is essential to create long-lasting partnerships this ensures that people you work with are knowledgeable about your product. And one way OSI has been able to succeed even with many employees is because each employee has a relationship with a client and the two understand each other this helps to improve the company’s rating, in turn, improving the returns.

During his time at OSI, David has seen the establishment of OSI group in different countries one of the nations that have yielded good fruits is China, and one thing that has contributed profoundly to successful alliance is becoming one of the local. When running a business, it is critical to identify with the locals understand their needs and this way they will trust you to listen to their needs. This has been the kind of relationship OSI has created in China, and David believes it has helped significantly to the growth of the business in the area.

David McDonald has worked at OSI for almost three decades one would wonder how does he avoid boredom, David’s passion for his work is evident, and he says he enjoys delivering solutions to their clients. The success to has kept him passionate about his work.

David McDonald’s contribution to the organization is undeniably great, the future for OSI Group is great too and more so with passionate leaders like David.

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OSI Group: A Better Way For Providing Foodservices

There are standard foods and there are custom foods. Standard foods are original and custom foods are hybrids. If you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant, then you’ve definitely eaten some form of custom food. Most of todays restaurants have a full menu of custom-food solutions and many of these custom-food solutions were produced by custom food providers. OSI Group is a leader of the field when it comes to specializing in this department, and the company has worked with many major brands. These brands include McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Yum, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

This phenomenal company wasn’t always as powerful as it is today. From its earlier days, OSI Group was basically a small meat business that was headquartered in Oak Park, Illinois. This small company provided exceptional service as well as provided exceptional meats. Thanks to providing such great foods and services, the company gained a lot of exposure throughout the Midwest. As time passed, the company began to expand by taking on more and more clients. When OSI transformed into a wholesale food business, it began to flourish. As of today, this company serves clients across international borders. To put things in a better perspective, OSI Group serves more than 15 countries, and it has more than 60 factories. If you’re a retailor, and you’re in need of management services, OSI can handle it. If you’re a retailor, and you’re in need of sourcing, OSI has you covered. Every step of the logistical process can be handled here.

Concept-to-table solutions is the name of the game and no other food provider does it better than OSI. The company has been listed on the prestigious Forbes list numerous times throughout the years thanks to its ability to bring in billions of dollars. Of course, this is no fluke because the success of this company comes from a team effort and that speaks volumes.

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OSI Industries Spreads Its Influence Across The Globe

OSI Industries continues to push its influence to international borders. The company acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch food manufacturer that specializes in a specific areas of food service that OSI does not. The connection will help the company diversify its reach within the market, while establishing a presence in Europe. Baho Foods also has five subsidiary companies that operate in 18 European countries. Members of the Baho Foods team will be invited to work hand-in-hand with OSI leaders in order to maximize the effectiveness of relationship.

Flagship Food Group is another acquisition that OSI Industries is excited about. Flagship Food Group is also based in Europe and offers its own unique client base. The company supplies sous vide equipment and Oliver James pies. They also specialize in sauces and mayonnaise. Flagship Food Group made an acquisition in order to strengthen its presence in the European region. OSI is counting on Flagship Food Group to work with OSI leaders in developing a powerful international presence in Europe.

Tyson Foods was a local acquisition made by OSI. Tyson Foods is a long time Chicago area food manufacturer that was ready to close its doors. There were an estimated 480 jobs to be lost if Tyson Foods shut down for business. OSI’s acquisition of Tyson Foods was able to prevent this unemployment epidemic and maintain hundreds of jobs at Tyson Foods. Many Tyson Foods employees were offered positions in the OSI organization.

OSI began its journey as a meat market in the early 1900s. It was founded by a German immigrant who quickly turned his meat market into a major food manufacturer within the Chicago area. Otto Kolschowsky named his business Otto and Sons. Over the years they developed many different business practices that proved them to be innovators within the industry. By the 1950s Otto Kolschowsky’s son’s were running the business. The children were able to orchestrate a relationship with Ray Kroc, who was the CEO of the McDonald’s Organization. Ray Kroc was looking to expand into the Illinois area and needed a meat supplier that he could count on. Otto and Sons stepped up to the challenge and eventually proved themselves to be a cut above the other meat suppliers that McDonald’s was using at the time. Eventually they were selected to become the primary meat supplier to McDonald’s. This took Otto and Sons to an international level.

OSI Group Info: www.foodworks.pl/en/osi-group-en.html

OSI Group’s Incredible Achievements

OSI Group is one of the companies that has made it to the top food industries in the US. This may be partly due to its operations in many countries it has established its outlets in and due to its many employees. OSI Group majors in food processing where it processes food products such as bacon, sausage, sea food, cheese based products and vegetables among other products. Some of its outlets are located in Asia Pacific zones, America and Europe.

OSI food industries established in 1909 under the name Otto Kolschwky. The company changed its name to Otto and Sons in 1928. It further changed its name to OSI Group in 1975. The headquarters of the business is based in Aurora. However, the company has additional offices in regions such as China, Germany and United Kingdom.

The primary operations of this company include the production of private brand foods and even packaging of food products for its retail customers. The company has more than sixty-five outlets in around seventeen countries globally. This positions it as a top food service industry that serves many consumers across the globe. The company has been a long term supplier for meat products in different reputable fast food businesses across China such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway and Papa John’s Pizza.

Based on its excellent performance, OSI Group has managed to receive several awards such as the award for safety risks and environmental management. In its pursuit to continue serving large customer base, the company continues to expand its operations through the purchase of similar food businesses or establishment of new outlets. An instance of expansion of its activities is the acquisition of Baho Food.

Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturing company which previously sold deli meats and snacks before being purchased. The company can easily continue its operations by acquiring companies with similar operations as depicted from this instance. The purpose of making such purchases is to give the company a broader market. As such, it can easily reach more customers with an increased number of outlets. With ambitions of increasing the number of outlets, the company is expected to meet the evolving needs and preferences of its consumers continuously.

OSI Group Info: https://www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/