Clayton Hutson-Making an Impact in the Music Industry

A native of Nashville, Tennessee Clayton Hutson has been making his presence felt in the music world for quite some time. Hutson became interested in music at a very young age and has spent most of his adult life working in the industry. Clayton has had the opportunity to work across the globe with some of the world’s most famous artists. He has a passion for rock music, but collaborates with artists from a variety of genres. His business provides services for musicians and event organizers across the world. His impressive resume includes working with Pink, Guns and Roses and One Republic.


Hutson is a graduate of Central Michigan University. He would later earn a masters degree in business administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After college Hutson would work in various jobs in the entertainment business. These jobs include working as a a project manager and worked as a sound engineer. Hutson was able to work a number of jobs that exposed him to the many parts of of sound engineering, live performances and management. He would soon establish his own firm which has quickly grown to impact music acts across the globe. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson has had lots of success as a business man. He has a unique approach which he believes plays a big part in that success. His early work enabled him to acquire a number of skill which make him an ideal employee. This has contributed to his high self confidence which in turn led to him starting his own business. Hutson also is a perfectionist. He believes in looking hard to make sure no mistakes take place. He especially keeps his eyes open for mistakes that compromise safety or degrade the quality of a show. It’s this ability to be through that has made Hutson such a sought after engineer. Finally, Hutson prides himself on waking early and being the first person to a performance venue. He previews the area, reviews his schedule and has his eyes open for any mistakes. It is this routine and structure that has allowed him to have great success in this industry.

Rodrigo Terpins brother Michel

During last year’s 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally, racing duo Michael Serpins and Maykel Justo, both of the Bully Sertoes Rally Team, began this 25th-anniversary race with their competitors in Goiania. The multi-stage race began well for the pair for the first half of the race. They finished the fourth stage with an impressive standing of 6th place. Then they encountered car difficulties during the fifth stage which forced them to finish the remainder of the race at a slower pace. Like the 20th edition, this anniversary year was particularly challenging, characterized by lots of trials and stony areas.


This marked only the third year that Michal had driven with a partner who was not his brother, Rodrigo Terpins. Michel and Rodrigo Terpins both inherited their passion for competitive sport from their father, Jack Terpins, who played basketball for Hebraica during the 60s and 70s. He raised his sons in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A little after the turn of the century, the two began racing in the Sertoes Rally. At that time they co-founded the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The past few seasons have not only seen them pairing with different driving partners, during the past four they have driven the T-Rex for the first time as well.


For more information about the team and/or the brothers visit their Facebook profile @bullsertoesrallyteam or Michel and Rodrigo’s personal websites at, and The team is sponsored by 100% Eventos, Xarla, Bull Sertões and support team MEM, Terpins & Cintra Advogados, Motul and Ohlins. While they are the main and most popular racing item, cars are not the only thing featured at the rally. There are also races for trucks, motorcycles, quadricycles and UTVs.


The rally sponsors are also very environmentally friendly, always funding for the planting of more trees as a gift to the earth for all the fumes expelled during the races. Rodrigo and Michel both plan to be involved in it for years to come. For more details you can check out

Todd Lubar Helps People Reach For The Stars

No matter what people think, there is no actual secret on how to become a successful businessman. For everyone that reached up to the sky and grabbed a star, they each achieved this in their own way. For Todd Lubar, it was no different.

Todd studied speech communications at the Syracuse University and used the things he learned to build a better future for himself. He held an incredible life story which took him down the road to becoming a president for TDL Global Ventures. Todd Lubar holds the position where he takes a team of successful individuals within the market with a load of clients and teaches them how to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Todd first started out working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation upon graduating from Syracuse University. He held onto his position from 1995 until 1999 when he then transferred to Legacy Financial Group out of Texas. While there, Todd assisted his firm to grow the Maryland office to drive in several hundred million each year in loan volumes from clients. He stayed here until 2005 when he chose to take the role of Senior Vice President for Charter Funding. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

It has been his expertise in mortgage banking that has been his number one skill within the business world. This hasn’t kept him from starting his own companies along the way. He has dipped his hand in the business world within the demolition industry, recycling, nightclubs and then real estate. For now, his goal is to help those in business with TDL Ventures.

Todd Lubar has working within the field of credit and finance for more than 20 years. His biggest passion however is the ability to help those in need to help others fulfill their biggest dreams. In order to help those in need, Todd first shows them how to clear the road to their dream. If you can eliminate the obstacles, the road to their dreams is easily traveled.

Todd came up with an idea that provided a program and a product to help the consumers learn how to eliminate the obstacles. What he provides them with is relief.

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How Kate Hudson Combined Fashion and her Passion for Fitness

Kate Hudson is not only the co- founder of Fabletic but also the brain behind a movement that enable women pursue an active and fit life style and experiences the pleasure of spending the day in leggings. Consequently, no one embody Californian more calm better than her – with heedful livelihood and healthy lifestyle choices as major goals.

Her very flourishing acting career alongside her budge into fashion in the year 2013,did not only result from her passion for fitness but also evidently through her assignment to create active wear and the correlating lifestyle more easy to get to women. In addition to that, the brand identity of Fabletics, culture and philosophy has been immensely fashioned by Kate.

Furthermore, Hudson communicated with regarding the remarkable chic introduction and also her latest row of practice wear swimsuit that hit shelves in the mid-April. Acquire your costume top to act as a sports bra during Pilates by the water and by Pilates we apparently imply taking naps on your shore chair.

The thought of not being broke into an uncomfortable LBD for a night out is so refreshing. How did you aquire the idea to incorporate dress into your row Marie asked Kate?

I think it’s been a usual development. We’re taking the active girl, keeping her casual and taking her out on the town said Kate Hudson.

About Fabletics and Kate Hudson

Initially, Kate kicked off the launch of her lifestyle athletic wear line, the company’s new stores, at Equinox in LA before trading her workout clothes for a little red dress, which she wore to a dinner in tribute of stylish Pugh Gareth. She also led a cycling class at Equinox, and she expressed that her exercises outfit sizes and shapes. At the fashion forward at Malibu farm right after her exercises and she showed off her own shape and made a pose with special designer of the hour.

According to her, the key to living healthy is positivity and simplicity. Besides the foundation of Fabletics is fitness including, real-world thoughts for finding outlets to clear the brain and leave space for constructive thinking and better eating.

A pretty outfit, that feels supportive and secure can motivate you to keep going even when you feel exhausted after a tiring and long day at work and by choosing the right sportswear, she also adds that Fabletics has ‘hip styles and amazing quality and hip styles and the prices are much attractive prices and they also believe every woman should be capable of having hip styles at prices that are flexible to them Below are some of the latest collections of Kate Hudson

• Alliums + Colors at a Discount of £22.00
• Anemone + Colors at a Discount of £26.00
• Azalea + Colors at a Discount of £22.00

Young Yeon-mi Park Leaves Her Mark Fighting for Human Rights

As a child born in North Korea in 1993, Yeonmi Park on youtube and her family were under the ideologies of the Kim dynasty. It wasn’t long before her politically-connected and well-educated family set out on a different path.

During the tragic economic collapse in the 1990’s, many North Korean families fled to find a better life outside of the socialistic system they called home. Many turned to the Black Market, and the Park family was no different. After Yeon-mi’s father was sent to a labor camp for such endeavors, Yeon-mi, her mother and older sister escaped to China in 2007. Here, circumstances weren’t much better as the Park females were subjected to human trafficking before fleeing to Mongolia.

In 2009, Yeon-mi settled down in South Korea where she can still be found today majoring in Criminal Justice at Dongguk University in Seoul. These childhood experiences from North Korea and China propelled Yeon-mi’s desire to change the world.

Watching a pirated version of the 1997 hit movie “Titanic,” further inspired Yeonmi Park as she credits this picture with giving her “a taste of freedom.” She was further intrigued by the concept of true love depicted in the film and began to realize the extreme oppressive nature fueled within the government of North Korea.

As a media fellow for the for-profit think tank business, namely “Freedom Factor,” Park is a human rights activist sharing her story across the globe in hopes of a one day united Korea.

Park refuses to see Korea as a divided nation with northerners or southerners and simply views the people of the country as Koreans. She is not a fan of Kim Jong-Un and states he is cruel leader displaying this quality through the ability to kill 80 individuals in one day as a punishment for the crime of reading the Bible or watching a motion picture.

Yeon-mi has seen her work published in numerous venues including The Washington Post and has been a featured guest on shows such as BBC2, SBS Insight, Radio Free Asia and Voice of America.

As a leader in her generation, commonly called Jangmadang or “Black Market Generation,” Yeon-mi is proud of the three main identifying qualities of this group. First, the lack of devotion held for the Kim dynasty. Second, the wide accessibility to information and media from outside sources. Finally, their individualist and capitalistic view.

And Yeon-mi Park is not going away anytime soon. Her memoir titled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” will be published September 29, 2015. Here, Yeon-mi tells her story and promotes the notion of fighting for freedom and rights. She gives readers a true inside look at the negative effects of oppression.

Chase Capital Management Partners Rise Preceding Steve Murray’s Death

Chase Capital Management Partners is a investment management firm that began as Chemical Venture Partners. Chemical Bank started its own investment firm, and that fund continued until Chemical Bank purchased Chase Bank in 1996. The name was changed to Chase Capital Partners, and the bank began to integrate other venture capital partners that added more capital to the organization. The investment arm of Chase Bank has grown even after the bank’s sale to JPMorgan, and its investment arm continued its growth even after the recent death of President Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This article explores how CCMP became a behemoth under the leadership of Steve Murray and others.

#1: The Venture Capital Angle

CCMP worked with many different capital venture parts in the 90s to increase the fund’s profile. Chase Manhattan, Beacon, Hanover and other venture funds were included in the fund’s family, and the completion of many leveraged buyouts helped to create the company’s current profile. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is now a company that manages billions of dollars a year, and it is consistently creating new funds that use modern investment techniques to benefit all shareholders.

#2: Steve Murray’s Input

Steve Murray served CCMP for over two decades before his death in 2015, and his death brought about a short stoppage in the recent fundraising for the company’s newest product. CCMP had been raising money for years to complete a $3.6 billion fund for its investors, and there was a short stoppage in trading on the fund after Murray died. Steve Murray worked in nearly every part of the company, and his strong leadership prepared the company for his sudden death.

#3: CCMP Moves On Quickly

The key-man provision off the latest fund was used when Murray died, but the key-man provision was only used for a short time. Mr. Murray had led the company so well that it was able to move on just weeks after his tragic death. CCMP is planning on continuing its work in the leveraged buyout sector, and the firm has committed itself to raising capital through the profitable sale of business ventures.

#4: Service To All Chase Customers

CCMP is an investment fund that handles billions of dollars a year, but the investment firm is still attached to Chase Bank. CCMP is a service offered to all Chase customers, and Chase customers with hefty bank accounts are given the option to trade within the confines of the CCMP structure. Chase Bank provides a massive service to its customers that smaller banks cannot. Chase need not charge high fees to customers for trading, and customers may get in on any of the funds that CCMP has created.

The leadership of Steve Murray has brought CCMP to the point where it can recover quickly after his death, and the fund is still completing new deals in the leveraged buyout sector. CCMP will continue to offer service to Chase customers, funds for wealthy investors and capital to help businesses reach their goals. The fund itself is one of the largest and healthiest in the world today.

The Growth of Hedge Funds


Hedge funds are one of the most important areas of the American economy. Many hedge funds manage millions or billions of dollars in assets for high net worth people. There are many reasons that people are willing to pay high fees for hedge funds to manage their money. For people with a high net worth, a couple percentage points added to their annual return can make a huge difference over time. The culture around hedge funds is one that is very competitive. With all of the pressure in the industry, it can be difficult for many people to stay in the industry over a long period of time. There are several reasons for the growth in hedge funds over the past couple of years. After the financial collapse a few years ago, people are starting to trust the financial centers in the United States again. Citadel is a hedge that is based out of Chicago and has experienced great growth in the past couple of years. Here are several ways that Citadel stands out from its competition in the field.

Education for Clients

There are many people that are interested in learning how to best manage their finances. Most hedge funds are only concerned with the rate of return that they earn and the fees they collect. Citadel is different in that it cares about the education of their clients in the financial world. There are many people that use the services of this hedge fund because they want to have a better understanding of money in general. Ken Griffin is the CEO of Citadel, and he is very passionate about educating people on the importance of managing their personal finances in a wise way over time.

Rate of Return

At the end of the day, hedge funds are measured by the rate of return that their clients earn over the long term. Citadel has done a great job earning their clients a high rate of return relative to the market over the past couple of years. Ken Griffin knows that in order to stay in business, he must earn his clients a rate of return that is better than what they expect. There are many hedge funds that lose clients every year because they are unable to achieve the rate of return expectations that are set for them every year.

Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is a great leader in business that has been able to take Citadel to the next level in the investment banking world.

Andy Wirth – Inspirational CEO

A legend on the enchanted Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth knows what it’s like to stare imminent death in the face while simultaneously destroying it. Born to German immigrant parents, his father had a very direct connection with nature as a professional conservationist in Germany as well as America. His grandfather was a seasoned naturist as well taught his son everything he knows about first aid and surviving in the wilderness.

His ingenuity allowed his company Squaw Valley Holdings and well as its sister company give the skiers of his resorts the ability to ski in the conditions they have always sought after, yet haven’t been able to find in any other ski resort. A lot of people say that there wasn’t a better and more natural fit as the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings than Andy Wirth.

Upon his release from the hospital after his nearly fatal skydiving accident, he trained very closely with his friend in the Special Forces to help aid in his quick recovery. Intrigued with the idea of being paid to function and think quickly on his feet, he fell in love with the idea of becoming a Special Forces officer. Although it was too late to accomplish his goal, he decided to use his influence and persuade thousands of business people all over the world to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Special Forces. Andy decided a very long time ago that the most important thing that he could embrace in life is philanthropy. Besides donating significant amounts of money to national charities and organizations, he also founded the Navy SEAL Foundation. On multiple occasions, he has shown that he has the ability and spirit to help veterans with PTSD readjust to civilian life.

He has always been known as the guy with the special gift of inspiring others to put their responsibilities before themselves. In his short life, the full extent of his ability to prosper on and keep a positive attitude in the worst of adversities was completely unknown until he was put to the test, a test which he remarkably survived.

As the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, his dedication to helping others as well as his desire to create success for himself and his team is not only made him Squaw Valley’s very wealthy CEO, it makes him a person that is sought after as an inspiration of what can be accomplished when one follows their dreams.

Doe Deere’s ‘Lime Crime’ Takes the World By Storm

When looking at a photo of Doe Deere, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a picture of a doll. The self-proclaimed “Queen of the Unicorns” has a truly unique look that stands out from others, in part due to her makeup choices.

Doe Deere started her own business with just a few hundred dollars. Now, she’s the founder and CEO of the large, and popular makeup brand Lime Crime. The company encourages using makeup as a way to express your personality rather than something you wear just to cover up imperfections and make yourself look like everyone else.

To that end, the company offers an assortment of products in unique colors and with unique twists, making them catch the attention of onlookers. It’s a truly unique makeup brand that has started to take the world by storm.

For instance, the company’s line of lipsticks are called “Unicorn Lipsticks” and come in traditional colors like pink and red, as well as colors that stand out a bit more. You can purchase the lipstick in a bright blue, purple, yellow, or green. There are also a significant number of pastel options, allowing you to pick a color that accurately matches your mood and your outfit for the day, without being forced into buying something that fits the traditional norms for lip color.

The same could be said for other products in the line. Eyeliner, for instance, is also available in bright colors like blue, green and purple in addition to traditional colors. The offering of such unique options makes it possible for people to express themselves like they never have before, through the colors they choose to wear in their makeup.

Everything in the Lime Crime line is also cruelty-free and vegan, something that you don’t find in a lot of beauty products. That means that items in the line weren’t tested on animals, and don’t contain any animal products. That dedication to the environment and the world we live in make the products a guilt-free choice for someone looking to buy items in the beauty line.

The colors, and the company’s stance of how they make them have been enough to put both the makeup line and Do Deere in the spotlight.