Tarallucci e Vino and Other Restaurants Changing Venue Options

In New York City, space is at a premium. Private event venues like banquet halls and hotels may seem the go-to space for special events, but they’re not the premium spots. Instead, celebs and non-celebs are seeking out the restaurants with great private rooms. Whether they are hosting a birthday party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, corporate event or anniversary, they are booking private rooms inside restaurants.

Some of the most common reasons for this trend include premium service, great food and an excellent décor. In fact, many people enjoy hosting their special events in private rooms because they aren’t super busy during the event. They sit back and enjoy themselves along with their guests.

Restaurants with Great Private Rooms in NYC
Three of the trendiest restaurants in New York City with the best private rooms often give what their clients want: a great experience. For example, Red Farm, on the Upper West Side, has a great second floor space. It has a menu on fresh greenmarket products, beautifully prepared fish and amazing shrimp dumplings. Red Farm offers pre-fix menus for large groups in private rooms.

Another hot restaurant with great private rooms is Tarallucci e Vino. It has two great locations in New York City. The restaurant in Union Square has two amazing private event rooms for any occasion. Chef Riccardo Bilotta will create a menu for any host. His blend of traditional Italian cuisine and modern culinary techniques.

The Mezzanine is one private room offered by Tarallucci e. Vino. It has a small private room that holds about 80 people. The room is absolutely fabulous for small gatherings because of its intimate, sophisticated feel and bar, lounge area and custom brick tables. For larger gathering, the 6th Floor Loft is perfect. The room, which holds about 120 guests, has antique mirrors and fabulous chandeliers. The 6th Floor Loft can be transformed into a causal or formal setting for any event.

Acme, formally known an Acme Bar & Grill, is another go-to restaurant with private rooms. The old-school restaurant received a huge upgrade to cool with the help of Danish celebrity chef Mads Refslund back in 2012. The food is earthly and homey American. The downstairs space, which features exposed brick walls, is the ideal space for private events. The cool interior and great vibe is a great space for any special event in the NYC.

Banquet halls and hotel spaces for special events are so early 2000s. Many people are forgoing the traditional for the unconventional, VIP settings: the private rooms in restaurants. They have the option of guesting having the VIP experience of being shuttled past the general public to a private room or closing the restaurant. In New York City, anyone wanting to host a special event and do so in the hottest places in Gotham City. Restaurants with private rooms like Tarallucci e Vino are available for hosts’ entertainment and formal events. Leave the work to the experts and have fun in a restaurant with private rooms.