Healthier Dog Food For Man’s Best Friend Wins

Pet owner’s look at their pets like members of the family. Certainly, the pet owner’s would prefer to feed their pets high quality food to keep them healthy and vibrant. Pet food manufacturers recognized the fact that quite a few pet owner’s are willing to pay more for higher quality pet food, like the Beneful brand. Freshpet, is a dog food manufacturer that is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They are one of the first dog food manufacturers to fill the market with refrigerated pet food. This food is healthier for the pet and rivals food made for human consumption.

Pet Food War

There is a pet food war brewing between the new innovative healthier foods manufactured and the traditional pet food manufacturers. The competition is heating up fast. It is reported that the new, healthier foods are starting to win the pet food war. Pet owners are opening their pocket books and paying more for the more nutritional food for their pets. In fact, sales for premium dog food rose 45 percent. Premium dog food also accounts for half the sales of pet food in the country. The big traditional pet food manufacturers are taking note of those rising premium dog food sales and preparing their own blends.

Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is the number one source for healthy dog food and healthy dog treats. Beneful is the manufacturer that is leading the way to improving the treats and food for your pet. They’ve added real meat, vitamins,and vegetables to make the food more nourishing and healthy for your pet.

Beneful is able to maintain the high quality of their dog food, following several methods. They use very strict quality control methods to insure that the food produced in their plants is the best. All products are tested before they leave the plant. Thus, assuring the customer that they are receiving the highest quality pet food that is possible. All dog food products follow the strict FDA and USDA regulations, these are the same type of regulations that are placed on food that is produced for human consumption in this country.