Todd Lubar Describes The Benefits Of Smart Home Technology

Just as we have smart phones and other smart gear, smart homes are making an inroad into the real estate market. Just what is a smart home? According to Todd Lubar, a smart home is just like your regular home except that it has one or more smart features such as smart lights, shades or thermostats. Below are some common smart home features described in more detail by Mr. Todd Lubar.

Smart lighting and smart thermostats are two of the most popular and common smart home features you will find. A home with a smart light is one where you can turn on the lights remotely while away. Have a home in a forested area that is difficult to see at night without outdoor lighting? If those lights are smart lights you can turn them on while driving to your house. This makes it that much easier and safer to see your home and drive into your driveway.

According to Geeks News, Smart lights can also be programmed and synced together. You can program them to turn on during certain hours, such as when it is dark. Combined with a voice command feature, you may be able to turn on lights with voice commands or through a smartphone app. This will make flipping the lights on and off redundant.

The smart thermostat is similar to the smart lighting. You can activate the AC or heat while away to warm or cool the house as you are driving back home. It can also be programmed to save energy and maximize comfort. For more details visit The Bro Talk.

Todd Lubar says that the growing popularity of smart home technology is changing consumer expectations in the real estate market. A significant amount of people now expect to have smart home technology in their home and are willing to pay premium dollars for such a living place. New smart home features are also being added constantly that will continue to make our lives easier and more convenient as well. This is a trend that will only continue adds Lubar.

Mr. Todd Lubar is a communications major graduate of Syracuse University. He spent a significant portion of his early career working as a mortgage loan originator before starting his own businesses in property development and scrap metal recycling. Today Todd Lubar works at an investment company called TDL Ventures. It invests in startups that Todd Lubar deems to have significant growth potential.