Tips for Effective Online Reputation Management

About 95 percent of the businesses hiring professional reputation management services today are doing so after something bad has already happened to their online reputation. This is according to Don Sorensen, an expert on online reputation management currently heading Big Blue Robot. Most consumers today are enlightened and will probably research on any company they would like to buy from. As such, companies have to ensure that a few negative commends on their products and services do not affect their reputation. There are several ways, in which you can manage your online reputation and retain your ability to attract prospective customers–including:

  1. Track Mentions of Your Brand Online

To effectively manage your brand’s reputation online, you have to be aware of what your consumers are saying about the brand at any time. In this regard, you should consistently monitor such brand aspects as products, key players, services, consumer interactions and community involvement. To achieve this, you will need a tool that is highly efficient, such as Social Mention and Google Alerts. Additionally, you should respond to the mentions of your brand online. For instance, you can reply with a ‘thank you’ for the good mentions and try to offer a solution for the bad mentions.

  1. Focus on Key Pints When Addressing Complaints

Since you will be getting negative brand reviews from time to time, you should know how to address them. With the negative reviews, you should know that you are dealing with a consumer who had a bad experience with your products or services. In this case, it is advisable to listen, apologize and offer a solution. At any given time, you should avoid online arguments with the consumers—especially when they have given your brand a bad review. This is one of the things that can easily taint your brand’s reputation online.

  1. Allocate Some Funds Towards Online Reputation Management

When coming up with the marketing budget for your brand/company, it is advisable to allocate some money towards online reputation management. This will allow you to hire a good marketing agency to take care of your reputation management needs. Professionals in the reputation management industry have the required skills and experience. As such, they are in a better position to manage the online reputation of your company/brand.

Online reputation management can be a daunting task, but one that can ensure that bad reviews do not affect the company’s popularity negatively.