Sahm Adrangis Fund Raise Adventure of $100 Million for a Single Stock

Sahm Adrangi is a well-known name in the financial world as the smart Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, a New York-based investment management firm. He is regarded as a person who goes for practical solutions and investment opportunities that are available in the market, without looking the traditions set in the industry. His revolutionary movements in the market were visible when Kerrisdale Capital raised $100 million in April 2016 to bet on a single stock. It shook the market as large hedge managers try raising large bets on stocks, but it was not expected from a relatively small firm to short the stock. After raising the amount, Sahm Adrangi wrote that the company could raise a significant amount within a short time.

He further added that the amount is utilized to put a stake in the stocks of a company with $10 billion market value as his team has some insights about it. Sahm Adrangi and a Kerrisdale analyst, Shane Wilson, started focusing on the campaign and working the report, website, and videos to establish their analysis and insights successfully. An insider communicated that the details of the target company would be disclosed by mid-May. It is further added that the fund started establishing the stocks of the unnamed company. Interestingly, Kerrisdale currently manages nearly $500 million and has made some historic short positioning in the past. Some of them include Globalstar, Zafgen, and Sage Therapeutics. The main hedge fund of the firm could supply over 28% returns on an average over the last five years.

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale in April 2009 and since then leading it as the CIO. He is involved in the overall development of the firm including the growth strategy and taking company vision forward. When the company was launching in 2009, it was valued less than $1 million, and currently, it surpassed $500 million marks.

Adrangi started his career with global banking firm Deutsche Bank as Analyst in the year 2004. In the later years, he collaborated with Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management – both are New York-based investment management firms – in the similar roles. He earned his graduation from Yale University.