Removing the Curse


Securus Technologies are famous for providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions to customers. These solutions include communications, information management, investigation and bio-metric analysis. They also guarantee public safety and monitoring. For people who desire to reach their loved ones in prison, while maintaining safety, Securus’s service guarantees this opportunity.

Their phone services feature the ability to call inmates and own a collecting account where you can control phone calls and spending. Paying a premium will give you access to more services.

The company developed in Dallas and owns several facilities across southern and southeastern America. These buildings are in Atlanta, Carrolton and Allen located in Texas.


While partnered up with Securus technologies as a communications provider, Globel Tel Link has a track record of robbing money out of the pockets of several customers. Their most recent scams involve charging higher rates than required for phone calls, adding many bills for the same time. GTL commits these actions on purpose to overcharge customers and acquire an extra profit.

Richard A Smith, CEO of Securus technologies, intends to cut ties with GTL due to their unlawful wrongdoings for the sake of maintaining the integrity of their company.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.