Logan Stout: Baseball Player And Businessman

As founder and CEO of the health and wellness company, IDLIfe and the baseball organizations Dallas Patriots and Premier Baseball Academy, Logan Stout has a passion for helping people discover their full potential. With this passion for other people, he serves as a keynote speaker, leadership coach, mentor, and philanthropist. Stout regularly appears on several media outlets such as The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, and Philadelphia Life Magazine. Logan Stout’s best selling book, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams!” guides readers through procedures to help them become successful in their endeavors.

Born and raised in Richardson, Texas, Logan Stout showed promise as both an athlete and leader when he was attending J.J. Pearce High School. Recognised for his excellence in the classroom, leadership, and sports, he was elected to the Student Athletic Council while playing basketball and baseball at Pearce. Logan was named Most Valuable Player in District 9-5a for playing on the basketball team during his junior and senior years. Upon his graduation from J.J. Pearce High School, he continued to play baseball.

Logan Stout continued education by pursuing a business degree at Panola College in Carthage, Texas. Graduating Summa Cum Laude, he continued to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. Being an accomplished pitcher and shortstop, he was named “All-American” twice as well as an Academic All-American. Continuing to play baseball after his college career, Stout played professionally for a minor league team in Texas called the Fort Worth Cats and had the experience to coach baseball to young players. This experience led him to start the Dallas Patriots, a select organization consisting of children ages six to eighteen years old. Stout also had the opportunity to coach at Dallas Baptist University while serving as a Contemporary Worship Leader and a Youth Minister at the First United Methodist Church of Coppell.

In 2014, Logan Stout launched his health and wellness company, IDLife. This company, promoting high-quality nutritional products, became a top multi-level marketing company in the world in 2016.

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Dr. Cameron Clokie is an expert surgeon based in Toronto

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a surgeon of Oral and Maxillofacial and a professor at the University of Toronto. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1985. He then specialized in the same area by 1990. In 1992, he got his Ph.D. in born regeneration related to interface development of dental implants at McGill University. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

He is an established surgeon and a leader in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He is also a prominent clinician and teacher. He is a publisher and international lecturer on various topics. Some of the topics related to oral healthcare include bone regeneration, the future of Dentistry, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and university related technology transfer.

Apart from being a surgeon, Dr. Cameroon Clokie is a serial entrepreneur, scientist and Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc., a reformative medicine company majoring on solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. Dr. Clokie has been engaged in clinical practice and academic dentistry for over thirty years.

In 1998, he was appointed the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He retired in 2017 while a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. He has been appointed by several companies to hold various positions on the boards or scientific advisory boards. He has many papers published under his name and many presentations on bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine both nationally and internationally.

He is a holder of 25 US and international existing and pending patents related to bone healing and other topics. These patents have enabled him to form alliances with businesses and give them knowledge which can be cultivated in commercially profitable businesses.

Bloomberg has it that Dr. Cameron Clokie uses protein that can induce adult system cells into becoming bone tissue to make jaw bone of adults to grow as in a new born baby. He has brought a milestone in the medical industry of tissue regeneration.

Bone morphogenetic protein was discovered in the 1950s at the University of California, Los Angeles. The protein was discovered by Marshall Urist whom Dr. Clokie worked under for four years. Dr. Clokie learned a lot from him and had developed some of the techniques.

Dr. Clokie is working on a plan to generate BMP by introducing a human gene that produces the protein in goat embryos. Theoretically, the goats can produce large quantities of the protein in their milk.