Female Entrepreneurship Starts With Lime Crime’s Doe Deere.

When you are looking for a strong female who knows how to run a business and not just a company, you are looking for Lime Crime’s Doe Deere. Doe is a successful business woman who is not scared to step up and stand out. Doe’s company, Lime Crime creates makeup that is fit for the Queen of the Unicorns and everyone who wants to take their makeup to the next level.

Everyone including Self-Made magazine knows that Doe Deere is more than just a pretty girl with a pretty smile. Doe is on the top of the list when it comes to Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs listed in Self-Made magazine. Lime Crime is a brand that just exploded the makeup industry with their true to life colors that are powerful and expressive. This is not just makeup for your nine to five, hole in the wall job. This makeup is the power of personal freedom with includes the right to express yourself and break free from the nine to five world of society’s terms. That is what Doe Deere did with the Lime Crime brand too. She found a weak spot in the makeup world and secured her lasting foothold.

If you want a great example of Lime Crime and the unicorn queen herself, just search Instagram. You are bound to see photo after photo of Doe herself in amazingly colored bright hues of the makeup. As you look over each photo it is easy to see why people love Lime Crime and Doe Deere. It is even easy to see why she is such a success. She is artistic and creates a great product allows for the freedom of expression women have been searching for. Women who wear Lime Crime Makeup are encouraged to color outside the line and enjoy the whole process of makeup and being a living woman.

Doe Deere understands that life is made up of color. As a direct result of that fact, makeup should be full of color too. There are no secrets in the makeup and fashion world that girls have been asking for more color. Many of the makeup companies have just ignored this industry wide request. Doe Deere and Lime Crime meet this request head on and it has helped to fuel the fire of success for the company.

Doe tells women to go into the world and live out their dreams. She started the company with a dream and about one hundred dollars. Using her knowledge and personality, she grew the company into what it is today. Doe knows the secrets to success and these secrets mean listening to your customers and living in style with vivid color.

Get Into Style With Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a woman that has accomplished many amazing things in her young life. Deere immigrated from Russia when she was just a young girl. She was raised in New York, and she had a sincere love for fashion. Deere started studying for fashion after she had graduated from high school. She loved to experiment with different colors and patterns. Deere decided that she was going to start her own clothing line. Deere would sell her clothes online and she would do cool things with her makeup as well.

Deere loved color in all of its forms, and she would experiment with her makeup as well. Many of her fans would make comments about her makeup and they would ask her for tips on how to do makeup. Deere loved to incorporate her style of makeup into her fashion, and she decided that she was going to make a cosmetic line. Deere started out her line with just 100 dollars and a dream. Now Lime Crime cosmetics is a very well known cosmetic line, and it is used by women all around the world.

The Bustle did an interview with Deere about the fashion rules that she loves to break. Deere loves to break the rules when it comes to patterns and colors. Even though fashion dictates that patterns and colors should not be mixed, Deere does not agree with those rules. Deere wears different patterns and colors in the clothes that she wears and also she loves to color her hair with bright unnatural colors as well. Deere also wears bold colors with her makeup. Even though fashion trends say that a bold eye color should be paired with a nude lip, Deere pairs a bright and bold eye color with bright and bold lip.

Deere makes it a practice to wear socks with opened toed shoes, even if that is not what everyone thinks is posh. Deere is a woman that sets her own trends when it comes to makeup and fashion; that is the reason that she is a entrepreneur that is admired and revered by so many of her fans.

Learn to Break Fashion Rules With Doe Deere

Fashion, like any other kind of art and commerce, often has rules. Fashion designers and their customers alike want to think about when it is appropriate to wear something or what kind of outfit is ideal for the office or for a special date. But fashion is also fluid. Many influential fashion pioneers have learned that it is possible to pay homage to fashion rules while considering ways they can break them to get even better results. One such person is Doe Deere. In a recent article for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks to her fans about how best to update old beauty rules for today’s fashions.

As Deere reminds us, fashion is about fun as much as it is about anything else. Fashion is also about change. What may have worked well a decade ago or even ten days ago may not work today. As a fearless fashionista, Deere has taken yesterday’s rules and made them fresh and new for the customer of today.

Deere is the founder of the cosmetics website Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers customers the chance to purchase lipstick that also helps break customers break previously set up fashion rules. Lime Crime customers can pick from an array of amazing products in colors not traditionally seen in many makeup on the market today. In the article in Bustle, she talks about the kind of principles that are behind her approach to makeup and fashion in general. Many rules that she talks about have been long established but may not quite work in today’s ever changing fashion world.

For example, the notion that people should not wear a bold eye with a bold lip at the same time is one that she would like to see broken as often as possible. She reminds us that doing so can help create a look that is fun and right for many occasions. The same is true of those who argue that we shouldn’t mix too many colors at the same time or too many prints at the same time. Her beautiful and elegant photos show us that doing so can lead to looks that are extremely fun and also very playful.

Those who follow her lead will find that doing so can help them feel more free and allow them to create a specific style that is all their own. Fashion, as Deere reminds us, is also about self expression and confidence. Fashion is also about the ability for anyone to feel comfortable in their own skin no matter where they are. As she shows us, when you break basic rules, this can be very freeing and help you develop your own personalized style that is only yours. In doing so, you can be just as truly fashionable as Deere herself.

Susan McGalla as a Role Model for Young Women

Susan McGalla did not have the stereotypical girly-girl childhood growing up. Instead she was raised roughhousing with two brothers and a father who was a football coach. In order to make herself heard she learned early on that it was necessary to be confident and assertive, regardless of the audience. McGalla realized that just because she was a woman she should not expect anyone to afford her any slack.

The future business professional started off getting her education from Mount Union College. Here she received a degree in business and marketing which led to an eight year stint with the Joseph Home Company where she served in various marketing and managerial roles.

After awhile a better opportunity presented itself and McGalla found herself as a divisional merchandiser for women’s clothing for American Eagle. Many would have seen this as a very difficult culture for a woman to do well in. When McGalla first arrived there were no women on the board or the executive team. Even the brand itself was primarily focused on males as its target demographic. However, thanks to an upbringing that instilled a strong sense of confidence as well as a can-do attitude McGalla seized the opportunity and ran with it as fast as she could.

As McGalla began slowly rising through the corporate ranks bouncing around the country people began to take notice on ireport.cnn. Eventually she became president and chief merchandising officer of the company’s flagship store. From there it was a quick transition to heading up the same two positions for the entire company. Throughout this time McGalla helped to lead the company through a truly inspirational culture change. From 2000 to 2010 as she was rising through the ranks men and women worked together seamlessly. Gender became irrelevant all that mattered was whether or not an employee could produce quality work. This left her in charge of a company with $3 billion in annual revenues, four different brands, and an e-commerce site. During her tenure as president McGalla oversaw the launches of two different brands, aerie and 77kids.

After some time with American Eagle she eventually decided to strike out on her own and start a business. She founded P3 Executive Consulting which provides advice to clients on marketing, branding, talent management and more. Her primary customers are in either the retail or financial industries.

As if running her own consulting firm was not enough the tireless McGalla finds even more ways to stay involved. She sits on the board of HFF Inc. This company specializes in providing commercial real estate services. She also formerly served the University of Pittsburgh as a trustee and is currently the director for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.