The Leading Commercial Talent Agency in USA – Brown Modelling Agency

The Brown Modelling Agency was launched in 2010 after the merging of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. It is a top agency in Austin Texas that specializes in modelling and commercial talent agency. The CEO of Brown Agency is the former CEO of the Wilhelmina Austin agency who is known as Austin John Brown. Further, the Heyman Talent-South was founded by Michael b. Bonnee whose company was well respected in the theatrical division. Moreover, the combination of the two agencies to re-launch as the Brown Modelling Agency saw the birth of a full-service agency in the whole of Austin, Texas.


About John Brown’s Experience in Agency Sector


John Brown is very experienced and started his career in modelling way back while he was still in college. Though Justin Brown’s professional training was in Business Management, he found himself more attracted to the modelling career. What’s more, he went through college while working at a modelling agency. He practiced the fit modelling career where he would model with clothes designed to fit his body by Lucky Brand. Again, he found the modelling career more remunerating and therefore switched to pursue it as a full-time job.


John Brown’s Establishment of the Brown Modelling Agency


Justin Brown moved to Austin in 2005, and it was at this point he found a ready market and launched the Wilhelmina Austin Agencies. The company did outstandingly well under his leadership and with the re-launching of the Brown Agencies, the company is yet to be even bigger and better. Besides, the company’s goal of an establishment of conquering the larger markets has been achieved by focusing on commercial model talent, fashion, and print models. Furthermore, the Brown Agency categories include media and entertainment, fashion, advertising, photography, creative agency, and professional networking.


As the industry leader, Brown Modelling Agency has made it big in its sector which has led to its success and working with international brands. The company has since worked with brands such as Loreal, Dell, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, and many more well-recognized companies. Again, the successful agency has held countless shows where it hosted Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and New York Fashion week among others. Moreover, what makes the company excel, is their CEO’S mantra who says that they are as only as good their talent.


Notably, the integration of the two companies to be one of the fewest full-service agency in its sector was a fundamental part of its growth strategy. Also, the combination saw the Brown Modelling Agency widen its scope for business where it broadened its portfolio for talent to its clients. As a result, the company which is a top commercial and modeling agency has been able to offer the broader market a dependable, professional and elegant talent. You can visit their Instagram page.