Eric Pulier’s Key Techniques for Entrepreneurial Success

Eric Pulier is one of the prominent tech investors and innovators living out in Los Angeles, CA. Unlike the rest of them, however, Pulier was there when it all started to get big. Eric Pulier is from New Jersey and it was there that he was raised until he moved out to attend Harvard.¬†Eric Pulier grew up in the ’80s and watched as his passion in computers burgeoned into career within the tech industry. Today we are going to break down the methods and thought processes that makes Pulier as successful as he is today.

The most cliche answer that technology entrepreneurs get asked is this: what would you do if you were to start over again? For Pulier there is no consideration and no answer. He wouldn’t do anything differently. Pulier locked in on that kernel of truth that every entrepreneur needs to seize upon: failures will teach you as much, persisting is key to success if not moreso, than your success. Pulier says, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of my shortcomings.” He goes on to joke that he’d like to be able to “consistently find my keys in the morning” if he WERE to address a shortcoming.

The next obvious question to ask an innovator like Eric Pulier is: How do you do it? For Pulier, the key to success comes in laying out your plans and being meticulous with the logging of your concepts. Pulier writes down every idea that comes to his head even if it is just a word or phrase. You never know when one idea will lead to another and things might start to take shape in ways that you had never had planned. On top of all these ideas, Pulier focuses on bouncing his ideas off of as many people as possible. He isn’t worried about losing his idea and he believes feedback is more important than the risk.

Finally, Pulier cites persistence as his top trait for success. Persistence is the most important trait for an entrepreneur to fall in line with. Pulier realized a long time ago that things never work out exactly how you plan, so persisting is the key to success.

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Jason Hope and the Internet

Jason Hope is known for being a successful philanthropist, investor, futurist and an entrepreneur living in Arizona. Apart from that, he is also known for his good writing techniques and as a commentator when it comes to matters dealing with the latest trends.

Jason Hope and his internet beliefs

With matters of technology, he has been on the forefront writing many articles on the matter. For instance, in the recent past, in an article he wrote on the subject of technology, he termed “The Internet of Things” as one of the most recent changes in the field of technology and that it has a huge impact on the same. In his definition of the phrase “The Internet of Things,” he referred to it as a type of technology that enables several technological devices to synchronize with themselves freely. Examples of such devices may include those that encounter in your day-to-day activities such as the mobile phones, computers, streetlights, appliances and even cars and anything else that embraces the use of technology.

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What are the benefits of The Internet of Things?

According to Hope, The Internet of Things has the capability of making positive amends to how your business runs. By this, he foresees a time in the near future when most of the businesses will embrace this technological innovation.

Aside from that, this innovation will be hugely influential in making the world safer and removal of a lot of waste in that case. The transport industry will also hugely benefit from this innovation.

About Jason Hope

He is a philanthropist that uses his assets to help the less fortunate in the society. He is also determined to keep up with technology, and he believes it is the future of the world. He contributes to this by developing apps and software both for gaming and computers. To add to that, he is a successful investor and uses his experience and knowledge in the field to help young entrepreneurs rise.

Securus Released Integrated Analysis Tool 3.1

One of the leading providers in criminal justice communications, as reported on PR, Securus, has released Threads 3.1. This tool will help increase the efficiency of the systems Securus already offers correctional facilities. Threads 3.1 is the most advanced analytical tool available in the US with an easy to use interface and efficient functions.
This software upgrade makes the system easier to use and enhances system performance. They streamlined the user interface, eliminated unnecessary actions, and enhanced the search functions. The new upgrade runs off HTML 5 and allows for integration with the call systems. The goal was to create a tool that didn’t require much training and lead them to more focused investigations to help keep communities safe.

The Threads 3.1 system allows for better investigations due to efficient real time recordings, detecting suspicious calling patterns, and fraternization to help with criminal investigations that stem from inmate phone calls. This upgrade will help Securus become the leader in investigative, integrated analysis. Existing customers will get upgraded for free.

Securus, a Dallas-based company, is one of the leading corrections communication companies within the US. They serve jails and prisons across the US, helping to connect 1.2 million inmates to their families. They offer a variety of products, including biometric analysis, communications, incident management, inmate self-service, and monitoring products. Their goal is to make our world safer and help connect inmates to their families. Their highly efficient communications tools help to let inmates and families connect, while allowing law enforcement to monitor and keep the community safe.

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