Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an English businessman who lives by the philosophy “I’m not a why guy; I’m a why not guy.” He prefers to say yes to an idea and figure out how he will execute the idea as he goes then risk missing a potentially rich opportunity. He had an unusual entry into the business and financial world. Initially, he studied agriculture and food sciences in school when he started building and selling computers. Through this time spent around computers, he learned to code and started building 3D interactive models. This would land him an interview at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he was hired to develop the first online currency trading platform the Virtual Trading Desk. Building this software put him in contact with all the traders where he learned about all their trading strategies. Greg Secker had to have intimate knowledge of these strategies so his software would work flawlessly. After borrowing five thousand pounds and turning it into sixty thousand pounds in a year, he released he could be successful as long as he followed some core trading principles and a strategic plan.

After Greg Secker’s success in currency trading, he decided to retire. He quickly realized that he would be bored sitting around all day trading alone from home. After attending some seminars on financial trading, he decided he could give seminars on currency trading where he could impart his knowledge and help people become successful. He eventual pursued more philanthropic opportunities and created The Greg Secker Foundation. Originally The Greg Secker Foundation was founded to help give life skills to adults, but continued to grow and expand to other countries. Recently The Greg Secker Foundation has been contributing to rebuilding communities in the Philippines that have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Mr. Secker wants to continue to help the Filipino people. From his speaking engagements in the Philippines, he has the feeling that they have low self-confidence with their abilities because of the abuse they have received throughout history. Greg Secker wants to build a program to empower them and give them skills and tool to turn their dreams into a reality. After the initial launch in the Philippines, he wants to spread this new program throughout the world.