How Brian Bonar Became A Hugely Successful Businessman

Brian Bonar is a very business financial industry executive. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Trucept, based in San Diego. He is also the CEO and Chairman of another financial services firm, Dalrada Financial Services.

Among the many awards he has been honored with over the course of his career, in 2010 he was named to Cambridge’s prestigious Who’s Who annual list as Executive of the Year in Finance. The award was given him due to his substantial success as a business leader and his numerous professional achievements.

During Brian’s 30 years career in the financial industry, he as developed a number of specialties including providing outsourcing services, insurance, benefits packages, and financial services and products that can be individualized to his client’s needs.

His services are used by small and mid-sized companies across the country. The insurance products that he offers include dental insurance and vision insurance for the business owner, their dependents, and employees. He also offers other financial services such as payroll advances, tax deferred benefits, and tax strategy.

Brian Bonar is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde. Later, he attended Stafford University and earned both his graduate and doctorate while attending the acclaimed institution. Soon after graduating he moved to the United States.

At Trucept, Brian offers a different set of financial services to small and medium business owners. He operates a professional employer organization that supplies companies with temporary and permanent staffing as well as employee benefits and payroll services. He first joined Trucept in 2011, while he’s been with Dalrada Financial since 1999.

According to Market Watch, When Brian Bonar started out his professional career, he worked for IBM. He continued at IBM from 1969 until 1985 when he left in order to advance her career and enter the financial industry. He worked for a variety of different companies including AMS Outsourcing, Bezier Systems, Adaptec, ITEC Image Technologies, and Rastek Corporation. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar business specialties also includes mergers & acquisitions, sourcing, consulting, corporate management, planning, process improvement, and turning around floundering companies. He is also an investor, having put his money into various private equities.

Additionally, he bought a restaurant he renamed as Bellamy’s in Escondido, California. He is in the process of building another restaurant nearby at the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. This will be a four-star restaurant that will feature the menu of acclaimed French Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty.

Beyond his career, Brian Bonar loves to spend time surrounded by his family and friends. He has a number of hobbies he enjoys when he can make the time for them, including golfing and boating. Brian Bonar is a strong believer in both working hard and playing hard and makes the time for both.