Providing Convenient and High Standard Home Cleaning Services Through Handy

Handy is a home cleaning Service Company that was started three years ago by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Both were students at Harvard Business School. They came together and shared their idea of providing cleaning services to their neighborhood. Dua had previous business experience having started a networking company that helped high school students in getting college admissions in India. Hanrahan had experience in real estate having capitalized on the good performance of the Eastern Europe housing sector.

Handy home cleaning service operates in such a way that with a tap on your iPhone, you can order home cleaning service, handyman or plumber easily. It is the leading company when it comes to online and mobile cleaning bookings. Within two years of operation, Handy home cleaning services had already hit $1 million in terms of bookings per week. According to Umang Dua, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the corporation, the rise in revenue indicates a move from a run rate of around $3 million to $52 million. This remarkable stride is attributed to the on demand service economy that suits both the customers and the service providers, mostly driven by the company’s mobile app.

The other factor that has contributed to the success of the company is the number of consumers who are increasingly getting comfortable with ordering home cleaning services through their mobile devices. In addition, Handy home cleaning service professionals are meticulously vetted. Given the level of insecurity and need to have privacy, cleaning companies have been vetting their employees. This vetting process is done through the necessary background checks at both the national and county level. It also involves on boarding process. Handy home cleaning services’ main aim is to be able to provide all the services that they offer instantly, where a customer books and gets it done immediately.

Presently, Handy Home cleaning service operates in 25 cities within the United States and 2 in Canada in addition to offering services in London. The cleaning services company has had over 200,000 job applications on its site from potential cleaners and has over 5,000 professionals who complete at least a job in a month. This trend shows that from all those that apply, it is only a few that are taken in by the company. Handy home cleaning service does strict screening on its freelancers based on their references, background checks, and in person interviews. This strict screening ensures that they get the most qualified individuals for the team.

Hand home cleaning does away with the unreliable and complicated cleaning agencies for it replaces that with a simple app and a detailed website. All that clients need to do is to enter their zip code, the rooms to be cleaned and the time they expect the cleaning to start. They immediately get the price quote with tax and tips included. This is done with a rare style that includes a flexible schedule with dependable pay.