“Full Of Goodness,” Beneful Lives Up To Its Name

Beneful, by definition, means “full of goodness.” Beneful is the perfect name for the dog food brand by this name because of the ingredients it contains and the benefits it provides the dogs who enjoy it. Beneful dog food comes in a variety of forms, including dry food, wet food, and various snacks. The Beneful line of dog food is made from ingredients such as meats, vegetables, and grains. These ingredients provide dogs with the vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive. Eating Beneful allows dogs to live their healthiest lives full of energy. Not only is Beneful beneficial to a dog’s health, it contains the tastes that dogs crave!

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Honey Birdette Empowering Women And Expanding

Honey Birdette has made history by being the first sensuality boutique in Australia, and they are giving a lot of women what they want in their closets so that they can look beautiful for those that they are most intimate with. The lingerie is what the company specializes in most, and UK customers are adoring the brand so much that it is expected that by 2018 there will be 40 stores in that country’s portfolio. From 3 to 40 in just about a year is some impressive gain that cannot be ignored.

Eloise Monaghan is the founder and entrepreneur who started all of this initiative back in Brisbane in 2006. She understands what it takes to empower women and give them careers with plenty of opportunity for advancement that can be hard to find in a lot of the business environments where stores have been established. It is about encouraging a culture where women work hard to rise and help others along their way up. US consumers understand that type of attitude as well, and they have responded overwhelmingly with a 374% increase in sales in that market segment since the launch of the US online site not too long ago.

It is about women encouraging other women at the stores and helping them find the products that they need. A lot of the other vendors in the space of adult sensuality are staffed with men who intimidate and hover over women as they browse which can be quite an off-putting experience which Honey Birdette is trying to change. There are plans for US retail stores on the way as well, and the women there will get a chance to embrace the camaraderie which comes from looking out for one another. It is money well spent when these new customers can come away with something beautiful and help each other with the purchase.

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A Look At Marc Sparks And His Vast Wealth Of Entrepreneurial Experience

Marc Sparks has earned the nickname of “serial entrepreneur” in spades. He has founded and ran a series of successful businesses in a number of different industries during his prolific career. He now works as a venture capitalist where he provides his experience, knowledge, and financial backing to other entrepreneurs like him. He provides his services through Timber Creek Capital, LP, in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Sparks has said that in order to start a business you need to start with a business model as well as the financial resources in order to make it work. He has designed his office in order to meet the needs of three concurrent companies going through his incubation period where he helps entrepreneurs get their business off the ground. He continued in saying that the best way to start a business is through collaboration and open communication, which his office facilitates, as well as having a pleasant atmosphere in which to conduct their work.

Marc Sparks has also made the point that every single business needs start-up money. Eventually, every business needs to raise money from outsiders if they’re going to succeed. Mr. Sparks has said that as a venture capitalist there are certain things he wants to hear before he will invest money in someone’s business. He said the first thing needed is a unique product or service that can’t be easily replicated. He also wants to see sales data if the product or service has already started to be sold. He wants to see proof of demand in order to fund the business owners desire to expand. Thirdly, he said that he needs to know concretely what the plan is for the money that he is being asked for. He needs to see how exactly the money will grow the business and he will make a good return on his investment.

In 2014, Marc Sparks released the book he wrote about being an entrepreneur, “They Can’t Eat You“. In the book, he reveals how he became successful at starting companies even though he only has a high school education and was just a C+ student. The book includes what he calls “Fifty Sparks” that gives people a foundation upon which to build their own business.

Outside of his work, Marc engages in his philanthropy. He has helped Habitat for Humanity construct houses for low-income families. He also started his own nonprofit, Sparkey’s Kids, wich donated 1,000 laptops to the nonprofit American Can! Academy that were distributed to underprivileged children. He has been a part of The Samaritan Inn for almost 30 years; this nonprofit is a homeless shelter that can provide shelter for 160 people each night.