Videography Through the Lens of Jon Urbana

What takes a videographer from the ranks of hobbyist to expert level, not only involves having a keen eye for interesting subjects, but also lies in capturing the world around us in either the most natural, yet breathtaking state or in other cases the bizarre instance of rare moments that have us holding our breath. Jon Urbana’s videos¬†have elements of both the beautifully routine and the curiously odd. The FAA pilot’s¬†collection of videos are curated from around the world and have the power to transform our senses; such as when a time lapse video of brooding clouds mystically transform an ordinary “stadium scene” into a work of art.

Jon’s official website portfolio demonstrates an innate ability to place the subject in just the right position while simultaneously capturing an interesting angle that evokes action and emotion in every shot. His video capture of a “Fall Morning at Rocky Mountain National Park”, takes an inherently beautiful scene and transforms it to another level through a steady sweeping motion that highlights the solidity of the mountain range amidst the movement of a silent sky. Likewise in a moment of playfulness, the video “When Giraffes Butt Heads – Here’s What Happens”, is a one in a lifetime capture of these majestic animals rollicking!

Jon Urbana resides in Denver, Colorado and is a 2005 grad of Villanova University, where he was a member of the lacrosse team for four years. In addition to his passion for photography and videography, Mr. Urbana is also adept in electronic music composition and mixing. Taking existing songs and re-arranging the melodies to create a new sound has earned him quite a following on SoundCloud, a social sharing platform where artist can showcase their music. Yet his heart is forever attached to the game of Lacrosse.

As co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Jon Urbana partners young athletes with some of the best Lacrosse pros in the nation. From its inception in 2011, the focus remains to prepare tomorrow’s athletes to be premiere players in the game of Lacrosse and in the process to gain visibility for the sport he loves so dearly.