OSI Group Further Expands Portfolio with the Acquisition of Baho Foods

OSI Group is a tremendous American Dream story. Based out of Aurora, Illinois, the now thriving, privately held custom food provider has made drastic moves to grow even more. OSI Group provides foods to retailers and food servicers. They are a company that food servicers want to have on their side because their experience and portfolio of proteins and other food products help the retailers grow their businesses. Just when one thought their recent growth was enough, OSI Group steps up and further improves their strong portfolio by expanding to more European locations. Before doing so, OSI acquired a massive Chicago plant that was formerly held by the powerhouse of Tyson Foods which made it possible to double their production capacity. The ability to keep growing and serve their customers is why OSI Group is one of America’s largest privately held companies.

With customer needs always at the forefront of management decisions, OSI Group has purchased the Dutch company, Baho Foods in 2016. Looking to provide a stronger foothold in the European market, OSI Group knew it had to make a move. Acquiring Baho Foods filled needs for both companies. Using Baho Food’s portfolio of snacks, meats, and convenience foods, OSI Group leveraged their portfolio to fulfill customer demand even further. The acquisition was a smart decision that will help Baho Foods grow their business while benefiting OSI Group by determining a need and supplying the products that the customers have voiced they wanted.

Also in 2016, OSI Group expanded into Spain to fill the high demand for chicken products that the market was weak in. What is most striking is OSI’s ability to quickly identify a weakness and efficiently turn it into a strength while also helping the companies that it acquires. It is truly a give-and-take model that is serving to keep the growth steady with no slowing in sight.

OSI Group is a company that does not sit comfortably with their success. They believe there is always room for growth. The growth helps the company, the company they merge with, and most importantly, the customer.